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Ebola Tracing1My Experience After NKU – video of KP’s talk given at Northern Kentucky University (April 7, 2015)

Here is the presentation in .pdf form




NKU Alumni Distinguished Service Award – Video of the NKU summary video plus award presentationSheree Paolallo with Kpandja and Djamila_NKU Award_2015-04-07

Here is the one-page summary from the award booklet



One summary point that CDC Director, Dr. Tom Frieden’s, provided for a Wall Street Journal interview (this is about Kpandja):

We have so many wonderful staff. One of them did EIS at CDC, he is actually Togolese, it’s kind of ideal for being in there, and he’s done a great job. He was in Macenta for more than 4 months. He said Macenta feels hopeless, Forecariah doesn’t feel hopeless, Forecariah will turn it around. So it is interesting juxtaposition. But he told me a true story of a woman who had E(bola), and she was married to a soldier. And the soldier came to the health facility waving a gun around and said if you don’t cure my wife I am going to kill you. Now as it happened, fortunately, the woman survived. And you think then the guy would come back and apologize and thank them, but no, the word on the street is the only reason she survived is because he threatened them.”

“The Good Doctor” – article about KP in Northern Magazine (NKU), Winter 2014-15 (pages 20-23)

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